Modest Wedding Dresses

Modesty Standards

LDS bride Almost all our wedding dresses are customizable to meet modest needs. The necklines can be altered for additional modesty and sleeves can also be lengthened or shortened.

LDS Brides

LDS Bride Our Temple Ready gowns are white, simple and meet the approval for the LDS Temple. If you're a Latter Day bride, why fly to Salt Lake City when we have amazing modest wedding gowns in your area.
(Click here for LDS Temple Marriage Guidelines)

Apostolic Brides

Apostolic Pentecostal Bride All our modest wedding gowns have sleeves and modest necklines. If the sleeves are not long enough, we can measure where a bride is most comfortable. We do not offer brides a strapless dress and jacket. Our wedding gowns are designed for modesty.
(Click here for UPCI Modesty Standards)

Christian, Catholic, Baptist, Adventist and Evangelicals

Catholic Bride Our Conservative wedding gowns have sleeves! Short, 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves - we can easily adjust the length to serve our brides that may be uncomfortable with showing the arm. Here is an example of a modest wedding dress for a Christian Bride:

Islamic Bride

Muslim Bride Our bridal gowns are modest and can easily be altered to accommodate the modesty needs of Muslim brides.
We even carry a white hijab. (Click here for Islamic Standards by Wikipedia)

Jewish Bride

Tznius Bride Our Orthodox Jewish brides require collar bones and elbows covered. We replace corset back dresses with a zipper which allows us to meet modesty needs.